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From new installs to augmenting existing infrastructure, PFM has installed thousands of feet of snowmaking pipe, direct bury and conduit electrical.  Tackling some of the most challenging terrain and environmentally sensitive areas in the world--all at the best price and highest quality.

  • Steel pipe

  • Fusion-bonded epoxy coated pipe

  • Ductile iron pipe

  • HDPE pipe - air and water transmission systems

  • Stick guns

  • Fan gun systems - wire & electrical pedestals


The brains and engine of your snowmaking system, we facilitate new installs, upgrades and seasonal start-ups in pump-houses and system-wide.  PFM provides start-up services for new pump house construction and interior equipment.  We also provide seasonal start ups for existing equipment on a one time or annual bases.

We are certified ABB techs and certified pump techs.  We test all aspects of your snowmaking system to determine the health of your existing equipment. This service is essential for making proper maintenance decisions and budgeting for capital equipment, either to replace outdated equipment or for expansion.

PFM can retrofit and repair existing systems.  We can remove and/or revamp older antiquated panels, wiring, drives, and starters as a whole or in part. New equipment, drawings, and on-site trouble shooting are also provided.


We work with your team, gas and electric companies as well as the forest service to ensure compliance on your mountain.


Our partnership with your ski hill keeps the snow falling.




 PFM Snowmaking's Performance Management Package software provides a reporting kit to track snowmaking efficiency and report so you can pivot to next-level adaptability throughout the system.  PMP is a new-tech addition to our services to help measure optimal snow production system-wide.

Our partners in the industry trust us to customize, curate and keep your software systems running smoothly.

  • Next level adaptability

  • ID and measure optimal snow production system-wide

  • KPIs for Senior Managers

  • Best Practice Resources



PFM has been contracted to install and make snow on 4 continents and 7 countries. 


Our experience incorporates 15 years of snowmaking installations, 21 years in the ski industry and 29 years in the construction industry. 


We are normally 20-30% less expensive than our competition and, at the same time, we can provide you with better quality work.

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